Published Work | Lisa C. Ward

Major cases

Dye v. Office of the Racing Comm’n, 703 F.3d 286, 293 (6th Cir. 2013)

In Dye v. Office of the Racing Comm’n, 703 F.3d 286, 293 (2013), Lisa C. Ward created new precedent in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. For the first time in that Circuit, the court held that retaliation based on perceived political affiliation was actionable under the First Amendment, finding that the Michigan Office of the Racing Commission’s actions against Ms. Ward’s clients were actionable under the political-affiliation retaliation doctrine.

Overton v. Bazzetta, 539 U.S. 126, 128 (2003)

As an Assistant Attorney General, Lisa C. Ward successfully defended the Michigan Department of Corrections before the Supreme Court of the United States, securing a unanimous reversal in the department’s favor. In Overton v. Bazzetta, 539 U.S. 126, 128 (2003), Ms. Ward contributed to the Court’s decision that the department’s regulations concerning prisoners’ visitation rights were not unconstitutional and did not violate the First or Eighth Amendments.

Glover v. Johnson, 138 F.3d 229, 232 (6th Cir. 1998)

In 1979, as the result of a suit by several female inmates, Michigan’s Eastern District Court placed the woman’s prison system under court supervision until it female inmates reached the appropriate parity with male prisons. By the time the Department of Corrections sought an end to the court ordered protection, Michigan’s women’s prison system was completely transformed. Lisa C. Ward inherited this case as Assistant Attorney General after several yearly of meandering litigation. Ms. Ward successfully argued MDOC’s case before the Sixth Circuit, and, on remand, secured an end to the court ordered supervision.